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Help Bring Movies Back to Downtown Silver City!

Preliminary Estimates for the Silco Theater Renovations are between $500,000 and $650,000. This is a significant investment in our downtown. The project is an Economic Revitalization Project to stimulate activity at all businesses in Downtown and is a very worthwhile project for the entire community. Silver City MainStreet is a 501.c.3 Corporation and your donations to the project are tax deductible

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For Additional Information, Contact Lucy Whitmarsh, MainStreet Board President at 575-574-8394







The Silco Theater is closed for renovations through mid-2014.



When the Silco Theater reopens it will have new theater seats, digital projection equipment, concession area, heating and air conditioning. 

The total project cost is approximately $600,000. 

To date $300,000 has been raised.


For additional information, contact Lucy Whitmarsh,  

Silver City MainStreet Board President 

 575-574-8394 or











 Support the Silco

Help Bring Movies Back to Downtown!

Get in on the Ground Floor!  Sponsor a theater seat for $200. 
Click the print button in the tool bar at the bottom of the frame below to print the seat sponsorship form.

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